farm story

Academics, Ecology, and Art

Dr. Robina Bhatti-Hauge is a social scientist and one of the founding professors of California State Univeristy at Monterey Bay. She is an internationally recognized scholar, focusing much of her extensive work on globalization and the global political economy. When not teaching full time, or traveling internationally on a research grant, she can be found weeding rows of lettuce, tending to our personal garden, or enjoying a K-Drama. Our namesake, Robina's Organics would simply not exist without her.

Evan Hauge is a fine art woodworker and home chef. When not sharpening chisels and hand-polishing bookcases, coffee tables, and unique furniture, he can be found in the kitchen, stunning us with elaborate healthy meals with flavor inspiration spanning the globe. Without him, Robina's Organics farm would not be possible.

Abner Hauge is an independent Journalist and Investigative Reporter who recently graduated with a  M.J. in Journalism from University of California at Berkeley. He has done work with the Richmond Confidential,  Oakland Institute, the Sierra Club, and has undergraduate degrees in Art and International Studies from CSU East Bay. He is Associate Producer of documentary Hale. Abner's footage from his graduate project was recently used in the PBS Frontline Documenting Hate: Charlottesville.

Meheen Ruby Hauge is a visual artist and works with a Monterey Architectural Firm. She earned a B.A. from Humboldt State University in Studio Art & Museum and Gallery Practices and is a resident alumnus artist at Youth Arts Collective. Best known for her slacklining series, you may have seen her work at the Monterey Museum of Art, the Reese Bullen Gallery, Ramone's Bakery & Cafe, or online.


Check out more of our story, how we came to be, and why we do what we do by following founder Robina's blog, the Veglog!